German Cockroaches
Latin Name:blattella germanica
Length:11 to 16 mm
Color:tan to almost black
Digestive Tract:yes

How to get rid of German Cockroaches?

Because of their rapid rate of growth in numbers, German cockroaches has it’s own area. An inspection to identify the level of the infestation is the first and foremost step in getting pest problems under control. If you notice them, you will most likely already have an infestation.

German cockroaches droppings may appear as small, dark, “pepper-like” material left on countertops or in drawers. Fecal staining may appear as dark spots or smears, some that are slightly raised, in the corners of rooms, along the tops of doors or around small cracks and openings into walls. They are also known to secrete a number of odorous compounds. When populations are present in large numbers, it may be possible to detect a mild, or what some have reported as a “musty” odor.

German and Asian cockroaches are so much alike, it is nearly impossible to visually differentiate them, but they are very different in behavior.

    German Roaches or Asian Roaches?

  • German cockroaches lives indoors while Asian cockroaches are outdoors.
  • German cockroaches prefers the dark and is rarely seen during the day while Asian cockroaches are attracted to the light.
  • German cockroaches can not fly while Asian cockroaches can fly.
  • German is nearly everywhere while Asian cockroaches are found primarily in the southern U.S. and Japan

Where German Cockroaches Live:
The German roach prefers the kitchen, especially tight crevices. Its preferred hiding spots are hinges of cabinet doors, the upper interior corners of cabinets, underneath sinks and refrigerators, and behind walls. Near these hiding spots you may see their fecal (poop) pellets which look a lot like coffee grounds or ground pepper. They can also hide in door hinges, between baseboards and floors, and the joint where the ceiling and wall meet. Additionally, you may find them inside any electronic device or appliance, between warm plugged-in transformers and their outlets, and computers.

It is recommended that anyone experiencing a infestation contact a pest control professional to arrange for a consultation. Professionals are trained not only to address current infestations but also to prevent future infestations. Scheduling a home inspection is free and it will save you time and money.

Helpful Tips:

  • Check grocery bags, cardboard boxes or other articles
  • Keep the house clean by removing any food scraps.
  • Put foods in containers with tight-fitting lids or in the refrigerator.
  • Remove clutter and be sure to never let newspapers, grocery bags or other debris pile up
  • Refer to a professional exterminator for faster treatment. A seasoned professional can usually get rid of a roach infestation faster than a homeowner because of their expertise and experience. German cockroaches are often elusive, reproduce quickly, and pose numerous health hazards.


A ways to identify these cockroaches is to look for two dark, parallel lines that run from the back of the roach’s head to its wings, referred to as “racing stripes”. Sometimes you will see white cockroach adults. They are actually newly molted adults whose cuticle has not hardened and changed to its normal color. Nymphs look like the adults except they are smaller and lack wings.

These pests are known survive on even the smallest amounts of food missed during cleaning or feeding on the dirty dishes left in the sink overnight. German cockroaches are also known for transmitting a number of pathogens, including E. coli, Salmonella spp. and Typhus.

Our trained professional will create a tailored solution for your home or commercial needs.

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